Title: Project READY S.C.

Description: Project READY S.C. is a unique opportunity to interact with library staff from across the state while enhancing awareness and understanding of challenges and barriers facing Black and Indigenous youth of color (BIYOC). This course is open to both School and Public Librarians. It incorporates the Project READY curriculum developed at the University of North Carolina. We have "live" meetings and group discussions monthly.

Interactive poster: https://www.canva.com/design/DAEJpNGgzJE/UeeWKdfK5NfMhCLi6yUUng/view?utm_content=DAEJpNGgzJE&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton

Presenters: Valerie Byrd Fort, Instructor/Coordinator for Cocky's Reading Express/UofSC School of Information Science/[email protected]
Dr. Nicole Cooke, Augusta Baker Chair, UofSC, [email protected]
Rebecca Antill, Youth Services Consultant, SC State Library, [email protected]
Caroline Smith, Inclusive Services Consultant, SC State Library, [email protected]
Christine Shelek, Executive Director South Carolina Center for Community Literacy, [email protected]
Dr. Liz Hartnett, Program Coordinator, South Carolina Center for Community Literacy, [email protected]"

Title:  Making a Place at the Table: Rural and Suburban Libraries and Minority Communities

Description: A resource for libraries serving communities that are experiencing changes to their racial diversity, particularly an influx of immigrants from one central location with English as a second language (i.e. India, China, Syria, etc.), this poster shares: research supporting the benefits of having a multilingual collection; success stories in library collection and service adaptations; common missteps and pitfalls in serving minority communities; gives examples of how to determine the community’s needs; recommendations for finding community partners; and sharing resources from the American Library Association and other organizations to find grants, develop collections, and conduct outreach services.

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/making-a-place-at-the-table/introduction-and-background

Presenter: Laura Collins, Library Assistant, Lexington County Public Library, [email protected]

 Title: Keeping it Close: Campus and Community Virtual Engagement

Description: This poster will seek to present examples of campus and community engagement in a virtual environment pre and post COVID-19 closure.

Presenter: Jonathan Garren, Instruction and Outreach Librarian, Coker University Library, [email protected]

 Title: Space Considerations and Planning in a Pandemic

Description: In a typical year, our library is one of the busiest and most vibrant spaces on campus, regularly hosting over 500 students per hour during peak times, in a 62,000 sq ft building. Maintaining this vibrant and welcoming atmosphere in the face of pandemic realities presented quite a challenge. How do you maintain a balance of collaborative and quiet study space while fostering social distancing and adhering to institutional guidelines for student contact? This poster will highlight the planning process, the reconfiguration of space, and software utilized to manage student usage of the library.

Presenters: Eric Resnis, Head of Instruction Services, Coastal Carolina University, [email protected]
Michelle Lewis, Manager of Access Services, Coastal Carolina University, [email protected]


 Title: A Team-Based Liaison Approach to Science Coverage

Description: This poster presents a case study of a team-based liaison coverage model for STEM fields during an extended period of turnover and change. The poster identifies areas of need and expert level competences among the team-based liaison approach as an alternative to subject-specific expertise, in contrast to the typical liaison model. It identifies the weaknesses and areas of growth in this model, and discusses the ways that the team-based liaison approach to STEM field coverage contributes to high-impact, temporary library relationship-building with institutional priority disciplines.

Presenters: Jenessa McElfresh, Health Sciences Librarian, Clemson University, [email protected]
Maggie Albro, Science Librarian, Clemson University, [email protected]
Jennifer Groff, Engineering and Chemistry Librarian, Clemson University, [email protected]

 Title: Psyched Out: A Psychology Librarian's Tale of the Switch from In-Person to Online Instruction

Description: The author of this poster has served as psychology librarian at the University of South Carolina (USC) Upstate for the past two years. During this time, he has established a successful partnership with psychology faculty. This has resulted in an increase in library instruction sessions. All sections of the required research methods course attend an in-person session with the librarian. This poster will discuss how the author transitioned from an in-person to online format. Both successes and challenges will be discussed, as well as lessons learned.

Presenter: John Siegel, Coordinator of Information Literacy, University of South Carolina Upstate, [email protected]

 Title: Write It Down: Involving First-Year Experience Students in a COVID-19 Community Archiving Project

Description: The University of South Carolina (USC) Upstate requires all first-year students to take University 101, a course that introduces them to college and university resources. Librarians visit all sections of University 101, and students are required to complete a library activity. For the 2020-2021 academic year, students were invited to contribute a written or artistic work for the USC Upstate Library's COVID-19 Community Archiving Project. This poster will discuss the activity and feature examples of students' unique stories.

Presenters: Sara DeSantis, Reference and Research Librarian, University of South Carolina Upstate, [email protected]
John Siegel, Coordinator of Information Literacy, University of South Carolina Upstate, [email protected]

 Title:  LibApps LTI: Integrating LibApps into Blackboard using the Springshare Automagic Tool

In this poster, we will discuss how librarians at Winthrop University collaborated with the Winthrop Office of Online Learning (WOOL) to integrate our LibApps directly into our Learning Management system, Blackboard. We will share our first impressions and items for consideration. We will also share limitations and next steps for our library.

Presenters: Amanda McLeod, Government Documents and Reference Librarian, Winthrop University, [email protected]
DeAnn Brame, Digital Services and Systems Librarian, Winthrop University, [email protected]
V. Emily Deinert, Reference Services Librarian, Winthrop University, [email protected] 
Cody Walters, Information Literacy and Reference Librarian, Winthrop University, [email protected]

Title: Developing Networks: Working with Campus IT to achieve technology goals

Description: A solid relationship with your campus IT comes with an array of benefits that helps to ensure that library technology runs smoothly. Over the course of the last three years I developed a close working relationship with the campus IT department that resulted in a more collegial atmosphere, streamlined work processes, hands on professional development for myself and staff, upgrades to equipment and computer hardware, and innovative collaborations across divisions.

Presenter: DeAnn Brame, Digital Services and Systems Librarian, Winthrop University, [email protected]