RAAC Spring Colloquium

The Round Table of African American Concerns presents its Spring 2023 Colloquium - "Fresh Leadership: Leading and Managing Others with Kindness, Authority, and Humanity & Racial Healing Circles 

Event Details
Noon to 5 p.m.
Thursday, March 16, 2023
Richland Library Northeast
7490 Parklane Road
Columbia, South Carolina 29223

Registration deadline is Wednesday, March 15, 2023.
Cost: 15 per person


About our Speakers

Ceara Harris, MLIS

Join us for a Racial Healing Circle with University of South Carolina Library and Information Science Doctoral Student Cearra Harris. In this unique session, participants will engage in reflective and group exercises that allow for healthy and safe conversations about race. With safety and transparency at the center of the session, Cearra will guide the participants in a session focused on restorative healing. No prep work is required to participate, but each participant must bring a personal memento that has a special meaning to you. For example, you can share a picture of your family (including fur babies), a unique mug, a journal, or anything that brings you peace or makes you smile when you see it. You will need this for our icebreaker exercise.

Randy Heath, MLIS

The Fresh Librarian, Randy Dantrell Heath, shares his expertise, experience, and thoughts on what he believes are top leadership priorities and characteristics. When he uses the term “Fresh”, he is not referring to a specific age group or demographic. “Fresh Leadership” is a mindset; it is about the approach. This presentation focuses navigating through the honest challenges of leaders that have sincere intentions, but like many of us sometimes face unforeseen obstacles and doubt. Being a great leader is a process that requires a purposeful commitment to growth and grace; that is one must be purposeful in taking ownership of their own growth. Randy believes that leading and managing with kindness, authority, and humility helps create a culture for healthy success, productive collaboration, authentic diversity, equity, and inclusion. “Fresh Leadership” should be gracious, accessible, and fully committed to helping others to grow and be successful. This interactive presentation helps participants navigate towards what “Fresh Leadership” could look like for them and their teams.