Membership Committee


Eight members of the Association and the Second Vice- President. The Second Vice-President as chair shall select members to fill any vacancies. Members shall be representative of all types of libraries and geographical areas of the state. Selections must be approved by the President. The Executive Secretary is a non-voting ex-officio member of the Committee.


  • Identifies prospective members within the library profession and among related professional organizations and verifies that they are given membership information.
  • Arranges for the design, printing and distribution of the membership renewal/application.
  • Monitors personnel changes through professional publications and personal contacts and sees that those new to the state or new to the profession receive information about SCLA membership.
  • Secures a list of lapsed memberships and verifies that membership information is mailed or given to those on the list.
  • Enlists SCLA members as assistants to the committee members for accomplishing the above duties.
    • Second Vice-President approves the selection of the assistants.
    • The assistant works with a committee member to achieve the above-stated goals within the regional area in which the assistant resides