Marketing Committee

2024 Officers


Sonaite Debebe-Kumssa
Richland Library
(803) 772-6675
[email protected]


Lindsey Taunton
Richland Library
(803) 772-6675
[email protected]


Tomeka Jackson
Clemson University
(864) 656-2682
[email protected]



Three or more members of the Association, preferably representing the various Sections and Round Tables


The Editorial Committee and the Publicity Committee have merged to form the Marketing Committee

  • Recommends guidelines for the website, the Association’s official publication, to the Executive Board for approval.
  • Contributes, updates, and maintains content for Association website, including blog posts, calendar events, and contact information.
  • Edits and posts website content submitted by Association members.
  • Assists webmaster in managing mail group memberships, posting shared documents for online access, and recommending website improvements to the Executive Board for approval.
  • Assists Publicity Committee in ensuring publicity of news (especially dates of events) and information on related professional associations in Association website, print publications, and social media outlets.
  • Contacts Sections and Round Tables of the Association for suggested individuals to provide content for the website.
  • Assists the Executive Secretary in the collection of materials for the South Carolina Library Association Archives.
  • Ensures that an official copy of all publications is sent to the Executive Secretary for inclusion in the South Carolina Library Association Archives.
  • Works with the Local Arrangements Committee for the conference to provide publicity.
  • Notifies national publications, Southeastern Library Association, American Library Association, North Carolina Library Association, and Georgia Library Association of SCLA conference dates, place, contact person, and theme.
  • Sends copies of program to presidents of NCLA and GLA.
  • Plans publicity before and during the conference by local media and for statewide distribution.
  • Arranges to have photographs made at the conference.
  • Notifies national publications, ALA, SELA, NCLA and GLA about workshops and other activities of national and regional interest if given enough lead time.
  • Encourages members of SCLA, Committees, Round Tables, and Sections to submit materials which would be of local, regional, or national interest.
  • Notifies regional and national publications about South Carolina librarians in the news and about personnel changes.
  • Notifies South Carolina newspapers of committee appointments and officers of SCLA.
  • Notifies Southeastern Librarian of officers of SCLA.
  • Maintains records of committee work. Transfers five years of working files to successor. Transfers major documents, reports, and correspondence having impact on the history or directions of the committee to archives after five years.
  • Works with Swap and Shop Subcommittee in arranging a Swap and Shop at the conference and in encouraging all types of libraries within the state to submit printed materials to be shared by other libraries.