Financial Planning and Development Committee


The Committee consists of the current SCLA President who serves as the chair, the 1st Vice-President, the immediate Past-President, the Treasurer, Chair of the Planning Committee, and four members from the Association.


  • Studies the financial posture of the Association and advises the Executive Board on expenditures and other budgetary matters including a yearly operating budget and a conference budget.
  • A subcommittee of the Financial Planning and Development Committee shall conduct an annual financial audit or review.
    • a. The subcommittee shall consist of the Chair of the Financial Planning and Development Committee, the First Vice-President, and two members from the Financial Planning and Development Committee.
    • b. The Treasurer shall serve ex-officio on the subcommittee.
  • Coordinates the on-going planning of functions in Committees and Sections well in advance of the date in order to pursue grants from foundations and other sources for funding such projects or workshops.
  • Pursues as an on-going charge the work of obtaining grants for the Association for the endowment and general expenditures of the Association, consistent with our role as a non-profit organization. Special contributions, legacies, and memorials should be sought.
  • Provides leadership in financial planning for the Association and recommends changes in revenues, and financial structure to the Association.