Archives and History Committee

2024 Officers

Warren Cobb
Beaufort County Library
[email protected]



SCLA Executive Secretary, the chair of the Archives and Special Collections Round Table, and four other members who shall serve staggered terms of office.



  • To ensure the integrity of the Association's records by gathering annual reports and records of association officers, Section, Round Tables, and Committees. In order to do this the chair of the committee will edit and publish the report in NEWS AND VIEWS at the end of each year. The records will be systematically transferred at the end of each year to the association's archives.
  • To encourage interest in the history of the association, in particular, and the profession in SC in general, the committee will encourage research and writing about the association and the profession in SC. This can include, but is not limited to, the sponsorship of essays, bibliographies, oral histories, and exhibits for the widest possible exposure in the profession.