Advocacy Committee

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  1. Connect with officials at the federal, state, and local level
  2. Engage current membership with frequent and timely action opportunities
  3. Grow our advocate base



Advocacy Organizations in South Carolina

Additional Advocacy Links

2020 Committee Chairs

Virginia Alexander Cononie; Chair 
USC Upstate Library
(864) 503-5735
[email protected]

Jonathan Newton; ALA Councilor
USC Upstate Library
(864) 503-5679
[email protected] 

2019-2020 Advocacy Committee Members

  • Terry Elsey
  • Emily Whitmire (SCASL)
  • Libby Young
  • Ellan Jenkinson (PASCAL)
  • Donna Lolos (State Library)
  • Tamara Cox (SCASL)
  • Sara DeSantis
  • Tucky Taylor
  • Steven C. Sims
  • Rayburne Turner
  • Todd Stephens (APLA)
  • Dwight McInvaill (APLA)
  • Chris Rogers