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2012 Conference Schedule

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Wednesday, October 24

Common Ground Unconference

One Credit Research Strategies Lab

Presenters: Margaret Fain, Christina Heady, Dr. Denise Paster
Sponsor: Information Literacy Round Table
Target Audience: Academic Libraries

Learn how a pilot partnership between writing teachers and librarians at Coastal Carolina University resulted in the creation of a one-credit information literacy lab in support of the research central to first semester composition courses. Panelists will discuss the origin of the partnership, collaboration between faculty and librarians, and the impact of the course on the overall instruction program.

From Development to Evaluation: Three Approaches to an Information Literacy Course
Presenters: Brent Appling, Laurel Baker, Karen Brown, Andrea Jarratt, Kathy Snediker, Amy Edwards
Sponsor: Information Literacy Round Table
Target Audience: Academic Libraries
This panel discussion presents the varying styles and approaches of three different sets of team-teaching librarians toward teaching the same one-credit information literacy course for undergraduates. Best practices, challenges, and successes will be shared with an emphasis on practical suggestions for others who teach. Sample course materials will be provided.

Poster Sessions

Thursday, October 25

The Lizard Man and the Gray Lady Went Walking … Ten South Carolina Online Resources For You and Your Patrons
Presenter: Amanda Stone
Sponsor: Digitization of Cultural Materials Round Table
Target Audience: General

Explore ten online resources that will entertain, teach, and inspire you and your patrons about a variety of topics related to South Carolina. From famous people to government information to historical images, learn how to find a wealth of information about the Palmetto State.

The Growing Readers Challenge
Presenter: Laura Kennett
Target Audience: Public Libraries, Youth Services

Learn how Richland County Public Library’s Community Outreach Department brings school readiness skills to childcare centers and the families they serve through ten weeks of easy and fun challenges.

App-titude: Integrating Technology into Library Programs for Children and Teens
Presenter: Kristi Sligh
Sponsor: Youth Services Section
Target Audience: Public Libraries, Technology, Youth Services

Have a tablet for your library, but not sure what to do with it? Learn how to avoid EPS (Expensive Paperweight Syndrome) by using it in your everyday programming.

Managing Change in the Workplace
Presenter: Merry Taylor
Sponsor: Library Management Section
Target Audience: General

Change in the workplace can be very stressful, especially for those in leadership positions. Merry Taylor of Taylor and Associates will present ways to survive and thrive during times of change. Merry has taught management classes at Midlands Technical College and has more than 25 years’ experience in the fields of behavior change, performance management, and human relations. This session should be enjoyable as well as informative.

Health and Medical Information: What Can We Tell the Patron?
Presenter: Elaine Sandberg
Sponsor: South Carolina State Library
Target Audience: Public Libraries

Librarians aren’t health professionals, so how can we help patrons seeking medical information or advice? This presentation will cover sources for accurate and comprehensive consumer health information, including website, state and local agencies, and online databases.

Implementing RFID in an Academic Library
Presenter: Scott Bacon, John Felts
Sponsor: Technical Services Section
Target Audience: General, Technology

Coastal Carolina University’s Kimbel Library recently implemented RFID technology. In this session, presenters will discuss the implementation process of this project: developing a timeline; evaluating RFID providers; navigating the bid process; hardware and software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting; and their book and media collection encoding process.

Transparency in State Government
Presenter: Elaine Sandberg
Sponsor: South Carolina State Library
Target Audience: General

How transparent is our state government? Are you interested in finding important South Carolina government facts and figures? This session will show you how to locate unique web-based information from state agencies. Topics covered will include: demographic information, health facts and statistics, traffic patterns and road conditions, legislative information, workforce resources, budgets, expenses, and more.


Friday, October 26

Digital Collection Connections through the SC Digital Library

Presenters: Kate Boyd, Margaret Dunlap
Sponsor: Digitization of Cultural Materials Round Table
Target Audience: General, Technology

Discover how to use collaborative digital repositories to promote your library’s historic collections online without a lot of expense. Learn how the presenters have used SCDL to host diverse collections of materials from Columbia’s history and experimented with free digital exhibit tools from the Library of Congress.

Green Resources: Sources of Energy Efficiency Information
Presenter: Tom Howell
Target Audience: General

Is your community interested in energy efficiency? Take a look at some easy ways to share this kind of information using your library website.

Mentoring 101
Presenter:  Kari Weaver
Sponsor:  New Members Round Table
Target Audience:  General

Mentoring relationships are a key way for librarians new to the profession to find support and guidance on issues ranging from interpersonal dynamics in the office to career path trajectories.  Learn what to look for in a mentor and how to get the most out of your mentoring relationship, and explore mentoring resources and formal mentoring programs available to new librarians.


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