History of the Association

On October 27, 1915, fourteen librarians and library supporters met in the University of South Carolina Library in response to an invitation from Robert M. Kennedy published the previous day in The State newspaper. Those present voted unanimously to establish the South Carolina Library Association, the purposes of which would be "to arouse and stimulate an interest in the development of libraries, to be a medium of information in (that) regard..., and to bring into touch her library force that they may gather additional strength and inspiration for the work."

Friend of Libraries Award Winners

1976 Jean Galloway Bissel, Columbia
1977 Arthur McGill, Greenville
1978 Lillian Hart, Clinton
1979 Carlisle Bean, Spartanburg
1980 Jean E. Crouch, Saluda
1981 B. O. Thomason, Jr., Greenville
1982 Harriet Keyserling, Beaufort County
1982 Thomas Smith, Florence County
1983 Sarah Miles Norton, Oconee County
1984 Judy Pendarvis, Edgefield County
1985 C. P. "Margie" Porterfield, Lexington County
1986 Bright Parker, Gaffney
1987 Francie Dunlap, Florence
1988 King Dixon, Laurens County
1989 Elma Sanders Rogers, Colleton County
1990 M. Penelope Davis, Charleston
1991 Dr. Rhonda C. Stanton, Francis Marion College
1993 Friends of Richland County Library
1994 Chapin Foundation of Myrtle Beach
1996 Virginia M. Delaney
1996 D. Lindsay Pettus
1997 Mozell T. Robinson, Chester County
1998 Harriet Woodham, Richland County
1999 Barbara Roberts, Friends of McCormick County Library
1999 Lou Roberts, Friends of McCormick County Library
2002 Dr. Randy L. Akers, Executive Director of the South Carolina Humanities Council
2003 David R. Dickerson, Fort Jackson
20014 Senator Gerald Malloy
2005 Tom Fletcher, Fairfield County
2008 Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation of Florence
2011 Clara Mae Neuman, Charleston County Public Library

Outstanding Librarian Award

1986 Marvin Stewart, Charleston County
1987 Dennis Bruce, Spartanburg County
1988 Leslie Abrams, Clemson University
1989 Virginia Foley Nilles, Georgetown County
1990 Louise McAuley, Marion County
1991 David Warren, Richland County
1992 Sherman Pyatt, The Citadel
1993 Faith Line, Sumter County
1994 Norman Belk, Greenville County
1995 John Landrum, South Carolina State Library
1996 Katina Strauch, College of Charleston
1997 Lennart Pearson, Presbyterian College
1998 Helen Ann Rawlinson, Richland County
2002 Mary Bull, South Carolina State Library
2003 Marguerite D. Keenan, Pickens County
2004 Dennis Adams, Beaufort County
2005 Libby Law, South Carolina State Library
2006 Guynell Williams, South Carolina State Library
2007 Ray Turner, Charleston County
2009 Ray McBride, Florence County
2010 Pamela Davenport, South Carolina State Library
2011 Deborah Rollerson Harris, Charleston County

Outstanding New Professional Award

1986 Virginia Warr, Hartsville
1987 Angela Bardin, South Carolina Supreme Court
1989 Cynthia Yarborough, Presbyterian College
1990 Denise Jacobs, Monarch Elementary, Union
1992 Frankie Ashburn, North Carolina Center for the Book
1997 Judith Jordan, Greenville County Public Library
1998 Cary Jones
2001 Laura Holden, Anderson County Library
2003 Maria Jones, Beaufort County Library
2004 Derek Wilmott, University of South Carolina – Columbia
2005 Stacy Winchester, Greenville County Public Library

Outstanding Paraprofessional Award

1997 Betty Cook, Clemson University Library
1998 Rayburne Turner, Charleston County Library
1999 Barbara H. Gillard, South Carolina State Library
2001 Roberta White, Spartanburg County Library
2003 Lorraine Catoe, Richland County Library
2008 Faith Keller, South Carolina State Library
2011 Janell Eades, South Carolina State Library
2016 Laura Baines, Furman University 

Intellectual Freedom Award

1983 Pat Scales
1985 Daniel Barron
1985 Melinda Hare
1986 Betty E. Callaham, South Carolina State Library
1988 Eva Roussos
1989 Judith Fitzgerald
1993 Patricia Lightweiss
1995 Robert New
1998 Phil Ritter, Greenville County Library
1999 John Monk
2001 Ida Thompson
2001 Betty Garrison
2002 Carl Stone, Anderson County Library
2003 Pat Scales
2005 J. Rhett Jackson
2007 Michael Giller
2011 Emily Woody
2013 Anne C. Lemieux
2014 Marlon Kimpson

Grassroots Award

1987 Elizabeth Bonniwell
1988 Denise Jacobs
1989 Stephen Escar Smith
1990 Teresa Price Lanford
1991 Gayle Holmes
1992 David Vassar
1993 Wang Ying
1994 Lynne Douglas-Simmons

Distinguished Service Award

1983 Estellene P. Walker, South Carolina State Library
1983 J. Mitchell Reames, Francis Marion College
1989 Margaret Haynes, Laurens County
1989 Valerie Howard Stanley, South Carolina State University
2003 Margie E. Herron, South Carolina State Library

President's Gavel Award

1989 Betty E. Callaham, South Carolina State Library
1992 David Cohen

Scholarship for Diversity in Librarianship Recipient

2002 Pamela D. Williams
2007 Annie Young Patrick
2008 Paula Alvarez
2008 Joi Gilliam
2008 K’Lani Green
2009 Elizabeth Harris
2010 Melanie Slan
2010 Parri Wright
2011 Rebecca Kilby
2011 Alex McAllister
2011 Antonio Peterson
2012 Wanda Preister
2012 Carolina Sanders
2012 Tammie Wells
2013 Shamora "Marleigh" Chiles
2013 Wanda Priester
2014 Bettina Thomas
2015 Jasmine Williams
2016 Phoebe Blalock
2016 Tiara Cureton