First Online Meetup!

Library Marketing and Outreach will be holding an informal meetup through GoToMeeting on Thursday, May 14th, at 1:00pm.

Call for Poster Session Proposals


Celebrating its 100th year, the South Carolina Library Association (SCLA) invites you to participate in the poster sessions exhibit. Poster sessions are an effective visual forum for exchanging information, a means to communicate ideas, research, and future trends, and a great way to highlight successful library programs and services. Poster Session Proposal Deadline: August 31, 2015

Reach Out to Wish SCLA a Happy 100th Birthday!

Know anyone prominent in Libraryland? Or, great fans of libraries who happen to be well known?

If so, we're asking that you please reach out to these folks, asking them to record and share a (brief) "Happy 100th Birthday SCLA" video.


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