Hotel Reservations Link Now Available for Annual Conference

The hotel reservations link for the SCLA Conference 2014 is now available on the Conference page. Please begin to encourage your friends and colleagues to book their rooms for the meeting.

Join the SCLA Discussion Group!

Participate in our new SCLA Discussion Group!  Ask questions, share, discuss, and problem-solve topics of interest with your colleagues throughout the state.

Click here to join using your Google ID.

To join the discussion group without creating a Google ID, contact us at

Upcoming NMRT Brunches

The first of the New Members Round Table brunches took place last Saturday in Columbia. But, there two more brunches are taking place in April and May. If you’re looking to meet and connect with other members of SCLA throughout the state, consider attending one of the brunches listed below.  

On Saturday, April 12 in the Upstate area, there will be a brunch at 10am at Mimi’s Cafe. Contact Bree Kirsch at


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