Membership List

The latest membership list is available to SCLA Google Group members. Click here to request access by signing into Google using the email and password associated with your SCLA mailing list membership.

If you are unable to access the list, please contact us at so that we can share the list with you directly.

Lifetime Members

The following distinguished members have been granted lifetime membership in the Association:

Mary Bull
Helen Fellers
Drucie Gullion
Dell Harper
E. Jens Holley
Gerda Kahn
Aileen "Libby" Law
Daniel MacNeill
Louise Pearson
Louisa Robinson
Anne Schneider
Pat Shufeldt
Mary Smalls
Joan Sorensen
Valeria Staley
Tom Sutherland
Marguerite Thompson
Kenneth Toombs
C. David Warren
Guynelle Williams